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October 19, 2011
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We Came From The Sky

All was quiet as a large figure stood facing large windows that showed a void of darkness dotted with twinkling lights of white. The figure stood about six and a half feet tall with two slightly curved horns on his head. It turned to face a desk with numerous monitors and other communication devices, revealing a green scaly muzzle that protruded from the figure's head.

This creature walked over to the desk looking up at a few monitors, it then picked pressed a button on his desk.

"Send him in," the creature said deeply with authority, a few seconds later the low sound of gears and grinding metal could be heard as a small blast door opened.

A much similar creature stepped through the door, although this creature was smaller and scrawnier. He had a mess of files and papers in either one of his paw-like hands while wearing a loose lab coat. His scales had a color of blue and bits of white across his muzzle with a pair of glasses that sat in front of his two reptilian-like eyes.

The larger creature picked up a file off of his desk and opened it slightly. "Ah, Dr. Ganderson, at last we meet. First, I must give my thanks, if it were not for you the Council would not have allowed this fleet to even exit orbit."

Dr. Ganderson nodded, "Yes, yes, but I must also thank you General allowing me to come. I've learned so much more about th-"

The General chuckled lightly, interrupting the Doctor, "Let's not forget our goal here, Doctor."

Dr. Ganderson nodded once more, "Yes, to set a stronghold on the pla-"

"That isn't why I called you here, I think you deserve to be one of the first Sorians to witness this planet a little closer," The General said as he flipped a switch on his desk and white screen slide down at the front of the room. An image of large ball covered with large amounts of blue and green was projected on it.

The doctor was stunned and at a complete loss for words as smaller objects began to appear around with small data signatures next to them.

"Notice anything yet?"

"Th-this is Sierra Zeta Three. Unbelievable, all of my research is correct! Water, land, polar ice caps, even confirmed traces of radio signals throughout the planet's orbit!"

"Notice anything else yet, doctor?"

Doctor Ganderson frantically flipped through his notes and scanning the information within them, but froze immediately as he gently pressed his glasses back up to his eyes.

"… Possibly," The doctor said hesitantly after a long pause. "Possibly, the intelligent life of the planet has been greatly… overestimated."

The General growled lowly, "Greatly overestimated? Six-teen light years, two years of hyperspace and stasis sleep for over ten thousand Sorians of both kinds. Tell me Doctor, do you know what this capitol ship was designed for?"

"F-for the protection of the Council and Sorian kind," The doctor stuttered, becoming nervous, even scared.

"Yes, but that's every Sorian ship, what's unique about this ship?" The General asked again.

"Pride for taking on the largest fleets of inter-galactic war ships."

The General nodded slowly, "Now take another look at the objects we picked up orbiting the planet."

The doctor opened his mouth, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything.

"I can have you killed for this big of a 'mistake' in your findings and information. However, I think you are still an excellent doctor; you did get this mission approved after all. It's best that you begin your research of the inhabits of this planet immediately, starting with the first wave."

"What? That can't be! I'm a sci-" Doctor Ganderson said frantically before he was cut off by the General again.

"Are you questioning my orders, doctor?"

"N-no, I'm sorry sir."

"Good, we can't have that on my ship. You don't have long, you should get going."

I actually uploaded something!

This is something different than I've posted before. May seem random to my watchers, but it isn't random if you frequently role play with me. Anyway, this is the introductory chapter to a new series! Hopefully it'll do better than American Soldiers.

Comment, Fav, All that good stuff.
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Labatryth Oct 20, 2011  Professional Writer
Pretty awesome! I can't wait to see what happens next! When will Part 2 come?
Labatryth Oct 20, 2011  Professional Writer
Excellent. -Rubs paws anxiously-
uh oh, looks like some beeings have an interest in our little blue world. well that looks very interesting. keep going
it seems so. I wonder how well they'll do in combat as well. only the future will tell!
Labatryth Oct 19, 2011  Professional Writer
Wow, I'm really excited about your posting this Commander! I can't wait to read it when I have time. :)
I'm sure it'll be worth your while!
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